Scarborough Baptist Church

Worshipping God – Why not join a Bible Study Group this year?


Love for God comes from gratitude.

It is always a response to God’s loving actions for us. We are not naturally interested in loving God. We need the Spirit to reveal all that God has given us to make us grateful. Worship comes from valuing God and the more grateful we are the more we will value and worship God – and come to love him.

We are all theologians. Anyone who says something, or even just thinks something about God, is already doing theology. What is at stake is thus not whether we should be doing theology, but what kind of theology we are busy with. We can be ill-informed, resulting in shallow statements about God, or we can take the time to meet God on his terms.

God reveals himself to us through his Holy Spirit. Jesus is, and remains, the final revelation of God. To know Jesus is to know all about God. The Spirit points us to who Jesus is and what he did in history. The church came into being through the testimony that the first apostles proclaimed. The church did not create the Bible, the message of the Bible created the church.

The early church greatly valued the testimony of the apostles which had led them to come to know God’s love. They read it together to remind them of God’s love and his actions on their behalf. They also used it to check whether what people were saying about God, matched the message which had changed their lives in the first place.

It is for this reason that the church committed itself to studying and thinking about God’s message. The word theology is made up of the word “theos” (God) and the word “logos” (word/thinking). The Holy Spirit leads us to know the Word so that we can know God better.