Scarborough Baptist Church

The mission call

André van Oudtshoorn on Isaiah 55:1-3, Revelation 22:17, 1 John 4:14, 1 John 2:1-3

May 20, 2012

This sermon, part of the Missions 2012 series, was preached on Sunday Morning.

The mission call consists both of an invitation "come" and the command "go'. Both of these options need to be present in the church as we endeavour to present the gospel. In order to invite people to 'come' we need to ensure that the church reflects a joyful quality of life to which we can invited people to see and taste that the Lord is good. It is only as we go out as a result of the abundance that we experience in church that we can do justice to the gospel that we proclaim.


Isaiah 55:1-3

Revelation 22:17

1 John 4:14

1 John 2:1-3