Scarborough Baptist Church

Our building is at 158 Brighton Road, Scarborough, Perth WA

Please feel free to contact any of our pastors:

André van Oudtshoorn: +61 418 263 602

Chad Power: +61 403 839 558

Anik Suharianto (Associate Pastor): +61 425566443

Church email address:

Please see the Church Calendar to be updated on changes to services and studies.

About Us

Scarborough Baptist Church is an evangelical church based in the heart of Scarborough. We are pastored by Dr. Andre van Rheede van Oudtshoorn (who also lectures at Perth Bible College), Chad Power, who runs our youth activities and the Lark Refreshment Centre, and Anik Suharianto who has a focus on pastoral visitation and helps coordinate the outreach efforts of the church.

Our vision

We believe that Scarborough Baptist Church exists to positively change our world in love for God by bringing it under the Lordship of Jesus. We are, thus, more committed to doing the things which benefit God’s rule on earth than building a bigger church. We strive to have maximum impact for the number of people God has blessed us with to change the world.

Our goals

We believe that every member of Scarborough is constantly being transformed into the image of Christ. They reflect his grace, mercy, humility, power and love.

Our focus

Scarborough Baptist Church focuses on three major areas of service to which the church is called. These three areas are equally important for the well-being of the church and its members. By focusing inwards, outwards and upwards (the IOU principle) we strive to ensure that the church continues to develop her vision and goals to realise her rich calling for God in the world.


Here we focus on the services rendered by the church to build up, equip and empower members for their work for God and his Kingdom in the world.


A church which does not exist for the sake of the world is no longer part of God’s plan and calling for his people in the world. We focus inwards to serve better outwards. Missions is not a part of the church, the church is a part of God’s mission to the world.


Here the focus is upon everything the church does to develop a true love for God and his will amongst the church members. It is only as we become excited about the character and person of God, that we will be motivated by His love to affect the world in His Name.

Our values

These are the things we consider important in our church: