Scarborough Baptist Church


Breakfasts at Lark – on Saturdays from 8-10.30

Waffles with marscapone cream and berry compote – new on the menu

Lark now serves breakfasts every Saturday from 8am. Apart from the eggs, bacon, sausage and our own version of baked beans, we also do smoothies, French toast and Lark’s special granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit. This week we are giving away three free breakfast menu items to church folk! See Chad to book yours, or write to

Power to change!

Friends course

For the first term of this year, 12 of our members are taking a course with Power to Change (who you might know as Campus Crusade for Christ). Fiona Dunn, from their Melbourne team, is leading us in a nine week course on practical ways to change our attitudes and actions regarding our friends, or the social spaces which we each traverse.

What a privilege it is to be encouraged and challenged in this way!!

Why not join a Bible Study Group this year?


Love for God comes from gratitude.

Worship comes from valuing God and the more grateful we are the more we will value and worship God – and come to love him.

We are all theologians. Anyone who says something, or even just thinks something about God, is already doing theology. We need to take the time to meet God on his terms.

The early church greatly valued the testimony of the apostles which had led them to come to know God’s love. They read it together to remind them of God’s love and his actions on their behalf. They also used it to check whether what people were saying about God, matched the message which had changed their lives in the first place.

It is for this reason that the church committed itself to studying and thinking about God’s message. The word theology is made up of the word “theos” (God) and the word “logos” (word/thinking). The Holy Spirit leads us to know the Word so that we can know God better.

There is a weekly Bible study at the church on Thursday evenings between 7 and 9pm. Why not join in?