Scarborough Baptist Church

After Easter


Easter is often such a high point in our church calendars. We meet more often than we usually do; we relive (or try to gain some inkling of) the traumatic period in the life of the disciples of Jesus nearly 2000 years ago; and then the triumph of the resurrection in all of its emotional turbulence enters our hearts and minds on Easter Sunday morning. This can sometimes bring us to a place of emotional tiredness.

Someone at church asked me: so, what’s the next big occasion?

Christmas? I thought…

But inside my tired head a smile broke through – Easter is just the beginning, and we are now sent out once more to live our lives in the knowledge of his love and saving power; to make disciples; to do the work he started so long ago.

Christmas and Easter are both beginnings. In fact, isn’t the Christian life just a series of multiple beginnings, of being forgiven and starting over? The joy of never-ending beginnings…