Scarborough Baptist Church

Bible Studies at Scarborough Baptist Church


To live as a Christian do I need to attend a Bible Study? Well, the quick answer is . . . maybe. Not that studying the Bible makes you a Christian, or even a more authentic Christian. But it might help, and it might help others as you study the Bible together in a group study.

Studying the Bible helps give us clarity and direction. Studying the Bible enables us to know and love God, and to know ourselves, and love others with a new understanding. Christians believe that in the Bible, God engages with humanity in story, everyday circumstances, and real life situations. That in the Bible, he consistently shows himself to be a trustworthy God of compassion and grace.

So why attend a Bible Study? Because there is so much to lose, such as our preconceived ideas, and so much to give and gain by studying the Bible with others. Try one of the Bible study groups this week.

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